Mancunian-steel-band-portraits-wedding-entertainment-Si-Miller-Photography-05Mancunian-steel-band-portraits-wedding-entertainment-Si-Miller-Photography-09 Mancunian-steel-band-portraits-wedding-entertainment-Si-Miller-Photography-14Mancunian-steel-band-portraits-wedding-entertainment-Si-Miller-Photography-13 Mancunian-steel-band-portraits-wedding-entertainment-Si-Miller-Photography-02

At I recent wedding I was lucky enough to meet these guys the Mancunian Steel Band. Who were providing the musically entertainment during the drinks reception. A bit different to the normal wedding background music. I would recommend them, especially if you have ties to  the Caribbean. Maybe going for honeymoon or got married over there and having a wedding do back in the UK on your return and want a taste of the Caribbean. I grabbed these portraits during their short brake.

Wedding Photographer Preston, Lancashire, Northwest

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