Haydock Race Course Wedding Photographer

Jo and Chris had there wedding at Haydock Race Park in Liverpool. I started by photographing the venue were the ceremony was going to happen to get all the little details. I then went to the Haydock Thistle hotel were the bride was getting ready with her bridesmaids and flowergirls. It turned out the Everton team were staying there as well before a game and I managed to get a photo of the bridesmaids with a couple of the players and the manager, David Moyes, who was very kind and give up his time to get photographed.

The bride was getting her makeup down and hair I grab some reportage style photos of this and also posed the wedding flowers and shoes, so that all the day would be recorded.

The ceremony was held in the pink champagne bar at the race course. It was a full glass sided room that let in loads of light. Perfect for photographs. The ceremony was civil ceremony held be a registrar. I got a lovely photograph of the exchanging of the rings. The whole wedding was a very relaxed and I think you can see that in the photos with everyone having a good time. I got some great portraits of the wedding guests without them realising I as taking them. These photos are vey candid and give a true reflection of the enjoyment of the day.

The night had a lot of entertainment from a roulette and blackjack table and a chocolate fountain with a guest appearance from a dance troop that appeared on tv.

The wedding was a pleasure to photograph and I was pleased with the work I did.

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