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I travelled to Liverpool to photograph the bride getting ready. When I arrived in the morning all the bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done. the house was very busy with people popping in to wish the bride good luck. The dress was hung up in the window., I was able to shots of the little details. When it was time for the bride to get ready I entered the room as the mother of the bride and bridesmaids were fastening the dress up. I photographed everyones reactions to the beautiful wedding dress. There is one photograph I took that show all the last minute finishing touches which has a lot going on and is a very interesting photo. The mornings of a wedding can be very busy and hectic but the atmosphere can help create magnificent images. But also it is something that the groom and other guests never get to see. It can be a lovely start to a wedding album and really expands the story of the day. The photographs are never captured by anyone else as everyone is to busy so even if you only have a photographer there for an hour or so before the wedding ceremony, it is well worth it.

The wedding was at St Ambrose Church in Leyland, Lancashire near Preston. The groom was outside when I arrived with his groomsmen smartening up everybody else cravats and putting button holes in something that always makes a great photo is the grooms father or other family member putting his button hole in.
The service was lovely, you could tell the vicar new the couple a bit something that not only makes the sermon more personal but also helps me as at the photographer as it relaxes everyone. Something that you cannot force in a photograph.
The reception was just round the corner at Farington Lodge. There are a number of locations in the grounds that are perfect as a back drop for photographs.

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Farington Lodge Wedding Photography

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